XXL Materials Guide

This question is by far the most common one we receive from our customers. Therefore, we believe it is important information for you to have a detailed explanation of the difference between the materials we offer for XXL Prints.

We begin by saying all three materials are outstanding. At Kuriosis, we pride ourself in using only the finest materials, our 105g Premium Matte PP Paper, 225g Fine Art Paper and 400g Cotton Canvas are all museum quality. It is only a matter of taste and nothing else. We will talk about them in detail, so you have a better understanding of what they are.


Cotton Canvas & Fine Art Paper Materials Close Up
Pictured Above: Fine Art Paper (Left) & Cotton Canvas (Right)

400g Fine Art Paper:
Fine Art Paper has vivid colours, mostly yellow, magenta and cyan. When you see prints with a wide range of different colours on the lithograph, fine art paper will not disappoint you. Given the material, all of them look incredibly clean. The colours are vibrant and full of life. If you want to have a print that looks alive and with all the complete detail of the image itself, is your go-to choice. 


Museum Quality Fine Art Paper
Pictured Above: Vivid Colours on our 225g Fine Art Paper 


400g Cotton Canvas:
Cotton Canvas can be your option if you go for a more vintage look. The quality of the ink is the same in both of them, but in cotton canvas is less glossy and it looks more vintage. It is also water-resistant and waterproof. That means that you can have all your prints in your kitchen or even your bathroom exposed to humid conditions and it will remain the same. Probably you will not hang it in the courtyard, but even if that was your intention, you could also do that. Furthermore, cotton canvas has texture, and it is easier to stretch. It is also the exact material used in museums and most of the exhibitions. In other words, it would be like having a piece of a museum at home.


Museum Quality 400g Cotton Canvas Art Prints
Pictured above: Natural texture & fibres of our 400g Cotton Canvas. 


105g Premium Matte Polypropylene Paper
Polypropylene is a synthetic, recyclable material which is super durable and versatile for large scale printing purposes. It is sturdy and tear resistant, printing consistently & effortlessly, it holds ink with a sharp precision, perfect for photographs. 

Japanese Archival Inks
When it comes to ink, you have nothing to worry. We print everything using the latest chromolithographic technology with Japanese archival pigment inks which are waterproof & UV resistant. Apart from that, they can last more than a life time without fading one bit!

Metal Eyelets
We understand that hanging XXL Posters can be a little tricky, therefore we are offering the services of also adding metal eyelets to the corners of your poster so you can hang it more easily. See image below!


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No matter which material you end up choosing, we are confident both you will not be dissapointed!

Have additional questions? No problem, drop us an email at info@kuriosis.com